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A-SEAL Asbestos filled Epoxy Compound

INTRODUCTION : 'A-SEAL' Asbestos filled compound is based on Epoxy Systems. It is a two component product (Resin & Hardner) supplied in two different containers.


APPLICATIONS : It is a verstile material for repairing, joining, sealing and fixing of asbestos sheets. A broken or cracked sheet need not replacement, it can be raepaired on the place where it is fixed. It is a non-sagging material and can be used on vertical surfaces as well.

HOW TO USE : Mix thoroughly resin and hardner in ratio of 10:1 clean the surface and apply the mixed compound with a putty knife or with hand to cover the cracked sheet. To cover a hole in the sheet a little bigger piece of asbestos sheet can be patched on it with the of A-SEAL asbestos filled.

PRECAUTIONS: Before application :
* The surface to be rapaired should be free from rust, dust, moisture, oil and bitumen. Adhesion will improve by roughening the surface by sand paper.
* Mix only the required quantity at a time which can be used within 10 minutes.
* Wash hands with soap and water after applying the compound.

NOTE : The above particulars are given for general guidance and as condition of use of A-SEAL are beyond or control, we do not accept any liability for the results obtained. Properties given are typical values and are not inteded for use in preparing specifications.


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