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A-SEAL Epoxy Adhesive
A two component epoxy adhesive

A-Seal epoxy adhesive is a versatile and superior two component epoxy resin adhesive, which has been specially formulated for applications requiring high bond strengths. Resin AS-06 is a slovent free epoxy resin,which cures at room temperature when mixed with Hardener HR-53. Besides possesing extremely high resistance to empact stress,tensile and shear strengths, A-Seal epoxy adhesive also has controlled flow characteristics, which prevent it's flow during the curing process. After curing, the bond is unaffected by water, humidity,solvents, mild acids, alkalies etc.
A-Seal epoxy adhesive is therefore ideal for domestic, auto, marine, industrial applications etc., where steel, iron, wood, glass, aluminium, bronze, ceramics, asbestos, leather, rubber etc. are required to be bonded to themselves or each other.

A few aplications where A-Seal epoxy Adhesive can be very advantageously used are:
Assembly of speakers
Brass caps to electric lamps.
Bond sealing of traction motor armatures
Assembly of radios and transistors
Insulation and fixing decorative panels and other components.
Wooden and backelite cabinets.
Bonding Ferrite in magnetos etc.
Engineering Industeries Joining wooden or metal pattern parts.
Joining wooden and metal structural parts.
Grouting bolts in cement floor of machinery
Packing seals of geysers/boilers etc.
Fixing loose screws, bolts, textile reeds.
Fixing Aluminium labels on machines, fans and other products.
Repairing of many items made of metal ,ceramics, glass , plastic.
Repairing of sports goods and toys.
Fixing of loose stones in jewellery.

Surface Preparations

The surface to be bonded should be dry and free from dust, rust, oil, grease, wax, paints etc. For removing surface deposits like oil, grease, wax etc., use a suitable solvent or detergent solution. Solvents such as acetone and detergent are good degreasing agents. The strongest bonds are obtained if the surfaces to be bonded are roughened, and is best carried out, after first degreasing the surfaces using emery cloth, wire brushes or by sand blasting. This treatment besides making the surface rough, removes all traces of rust, oil, grease, wax, old paint etc. This should be followed by another thorough degreasing. For joingig broken materials like China clay( cup, insulators,flower vase etc.) wood and any other items which show arough surface after breaking, abrasion is not necessary, but light wire-brushing may be done to remove loose particles if any, followed by cleaning. Rubber should be treated with concentrated sulphuric acid for about 5 minutes and after washing with water the surface should exhibit minute cracks on flexing.
Care should be taken to ensure that the cleaned surfaces are not dirtied or touched before the adhesive is applied. This should be as soon as possible after preparation of the surface. Mixing and application procedure

Parts by weight parts by volume
Resin AS-06 100 100
Hardener HR-53 80 100

Mix the Resin and Hardener thoroughly, with a spatula, metal or glass rod, screw driver etc., in the above mentioned ratio. Apply a thin film of the mixture to both the parts to be joined. As soon as the adhesive has been applied, the joints should be held together with a clamp, rubber band, a string or clips to ensure complete contact pressure. Any excess adhesive can before wiped off befo the adhesive has set. Immediately after use, clean hand with soap and water. Tools should be wiped before A-Seal epoxy adhesive starts curing.


The curing time is dependent upon the curing temperature. The following is the minimum curing time corresponding to various curing temperatures

Temperature Temperature A-Seal Epoxy Adhesive
c F
25 77 Overnight
40 104 7 to 8 hrs.
70 158 4 to 5 hrs.
100 212 20 to 30 minutes.
120 248 15 to 20 minutes.
150 302 10 to 15 minutes.

Properties of the cured resin (Test sample cured for 16 hours at room temprature and post cured for 4 hours at 80 c)

Property Unit Value
1. Specific gravity at 25 c -------- 1.06
2. Adhesive impact strenghth
(MS to MS)
kg/cm 6.5
3. Adhesive strengths:
i) Tensile (MS to Ms)
ii) Shear (MS to MS)
4. Gelling time at 25 c for 20 gram mass. minutes 90 to 120
5. Hardness on shore D 76-78

Good resistance to mild acids, alkalies, solvents etc.

Note: The above particulars are given for general guidance only and as conditions of us of A-Seal are beyond our control we cannot accept any liability for the results obtained. Standard Packing A-Seal Adhesive is supplied, packed in the following standard packings: In collapsible tubes: 13 gms. 36 gms., 180 gms.. Industrial packings in : 1.8 Kg. and 9 Kg. Packs. Each pack has two containers, one for resin and other for hardener. (MS to MS)


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