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A-SEAL Potting Compound

A-Seal epoxy based Potting Compound is specially formulated and processed to obtain void free encapsulation and castings. A-Seal Potting compound contains specially selected and dried fillers which are mixed in the Potting Compound under vaccum. It is a ready to use filled system having low viscosity at room temperature. The compound can be easily homogenised. A-Seal Potting Compound comprises of Resin and Hardener . The mixture of Resin and Hardener sets at room temperature.
The salient features of A-Seal Potting Compound are:
1. Good Adhesion to metals, wood, concrete etc. and to most organic materials. 2. Good water resistance.
3. Good mechanical, electrical & chemical resistant properties.
4. Low shrinkage.
5 Low exotherm.
6. Low co-efficient of expansion.

Properties of A-Seal potting compound

Property Resin Hardener
Type of compound Filled Epoxy Polyaminoamide
Appearance Brown, Red, Green, Black viscous liquid Brown coloured clear liquid
Density at 25 C 1.6 gm/cc. 0.96 gms/cc
Shelf life in its pack 12 months. 12 months.

Note: The fillers in the compound may have a tendency to settle on long storage. Therefore it is recommended that the compound should be stirred and made homogeneous before drawing out from container and before the addition of the hardener. Hardener

Care should be taken to mix the Resin and Hardener in the prescribed ratio. The mixture should be stirred to a homogeneous mixture and should be used within the specified pot life. At 25 C it will cure within 12 hours. In case of castings of high mechanical or electrical requirements, it is recommended to post cure the casting for 4 to 6 hours at 80 C for 16 hours at room temperature.

Addition of extra fillers: Dried moisture-free fillers such as silica, talc etc. of 200 to 300 mesh can be added to Resin depending upon the performance requirement. Fillers should be dried in oven at 150-250 for 3 to 6 hrs to remove moisture before adding to Resin. Performance of casting will increase if fillers are added under vacume at 50-70 c.

Treatment of moulds
Moulds must be treated with mould release agent before pouring of Potting Compound for casting.

Safety precautions
While Resin does not have any effect on the skin, the hardener, in prolonged direct contact with skin, may cause irritation. Therefore, skin contact of hardener should be avoided as far as possible by using rubber gloves and goggles.

Field of applications
A-Seal Potting Compound is suitable for the following applications:
1. Potting,casting and sealing of small and medium sized electrical and electronic components.
2. Potting of instrument transformers.
3. Topping of capacitors.
4 Sealing of electronic circuit where circuit is sensitive to moisture.
5. Sealing of electronic circuit where circuit has to withstand vibration.
6. Casting of switchgear components and insulators
7. Grouting of medium size cracks.
8 Repairs of concrete surfaces.
9. Potting of regulators, alternators and swithches. The above applications of A-Seal Potting Compound are only a part of the uses however the customer may find various other uses for A-Seal Potting Compound in variety of applications. Packing: 1.1 Kg. ( Resin 1 kg. and Hardener 100 gms.)


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