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A-SEAL Metal Filled Epoxy Compound

A-Seal Metal filled epoxy compounds are two components epoxy formulation(Resin and Hardener). The Resin component is an admixture of a liquid resin and metal powder and the hardener is also in liquid form. Metal filled compounds are available in a variety for specific application such as Steel filled, Brass filled, Aluminium filled, Copper filled etc. and for enabling repaired portions to have a surface match with that of the parent metal.
The resin and hardener components are required to be mixed in the ratio 10:1 by weight. The mixture sets at room temperature in to a tough rigid metallic mass which can under go normal machining operations after 24 hrs. The hardened compound has good chemical resistance and can be used for high temperature applications where the maximum temperature does not exceed 150 C. If the application calls for a very viscous compound, allow the mixture to attain the desired viscosity before application. The mixture should however be used within 30 minutes.of mixing. To enable the mixture to seep into fine cracks and holes, the affected portion should be gently warmed by means of blow lamp before application of the mixture. For repair of leaking or damaged pipelines the mixture should be first spread on a strip of cloth or fiber glass tape and the strip or tape then applied like a bandage on the pipe. The mixed compound sets hard enough in 6to 8 hrs. However, it should be allowed to cure for 24 hrs. for best results. The hardened compound can be given a desired finish by sandpapering, grinding, buffing or painting. It can be machined , drilled and tapped.

How to use:
The two components, resin and hardener are mixed thoroughly in specified ratio with a screw driver, knife or rod until the mixture is uniform and free of lumps. Thorough mixing is necessary to ensure the properties of finished material. When due to long storage the liquid resin comes to surface and the filler settles down, the resin component should be thoroughly mixed to get even consistency and only after that it should be mixed with the hardener. The surface should be dried and made free from oil, rust, grease and paint. For improving adhesion, roughen the surface with an emery paper and degrease with a solvent.

A-Seal metal filled epoxy compound has a number of uses in plant maintenance work, engineering and foundry units, garages, ship repair work, structurals, and household Some specific uses are as given below:
1. Filling of blow holes appearing in casting during machining
2. Permanent sealing of suspected microporous areas in a casting.
3. Salvaging broken castings or machine parts.
4. Repair and permanent sealing of leakages, holes or cracks.
5. Bonding iron, steel, aluminium, bronze, brass, porcelain, glass, wood and carbide to it self or each other.
6. Repair of scored machinebeds, building up worn sections, broken castings (in textile looms), motor blocks etc.
7. Anchoring bolts in concrete and attaching fixtures to steel bulkheads.
8. Repairing cracked valves, pumps etc.
9. Repairing pits caused by corrosion.


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