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A-SEAL General Purpose Epoxy Compound

INTRODUCTION : A-SEAL is a unique multi purpose epoxy based compound. Resin and hardner are supplied in two sticks of different colors wrapped and sealed separately. The resin and hardener differ in colour so that thorough mixing can be ensured.

APPLICATION : 'A-SEAL' is a versatile material with many uses. It is very useful for sealing, repairing, joining, insulating and water proofing of a variety of materials like ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, glass, asbestos, R.C.C, ceramics, and most of the plastics.

FOUNDRIES : 'A-SEAL' is ideal for sealing and plugging of blow-holes. Patterns and Moulds can also be repaired.

ELECTRICAL : 'A-SEAL' is ideal for moisture proofing the cable joints made with C.I Boxes, sealing leakages in transformers, repairing chipped porcelain insulator, & bushings, etc.

AUTOMOBILES : It is suitable for filling up dents on Automobile bodies, repairing broken silencers pipes and muffler joints. Leakage anywhere in the Engine, Radiator, Fuel Tank can also be sealed.

PLUMBING : Joints of C.I pipes can be sealed with 'A-SEA:'

HOUSEHOLD : 'A-SEAL' is most suitable for stopping leakages in pipes, overheads tanks, roofing of asbestos , tin, or R.C.C Articles like Washbasins, Bathtubs, Commodes, Cisterns, Corroded corners of refigerators & coolers can be very easily reparied with 'A-SEAL'.

* Mix only the required quantity and apply immediately.
* Repack the Unmixed Material in the Wrapper
* Do Not use A-SEAL on the surface which is in contact with direct flame / food or drinking water.
* Wash hands with soap and water immediately after use

PACKING AVAILABLE : 100 gm & 1KG Packc

The above particulars are given for general guidance and as condition of use of A-SEAL are beyond our control, we do not accept any liability for the results obtained. Properties given are typical values and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.


A-SEAL General Purpose Epoxy Compound
A-SEAL Fast Setting Epoxy Putty
A-SEAL Asbestos filled Epoxy Compound
A-SEAL Epoxy Adhesive

A-SEAL Potting Compound
A-SEAL Steel Filled, Alluminium Filled and Brass Filled Epoxy Compound

Valve Lapping Compound
A-SEAL 5 minute Steel Epoxy
A-SEAL Gasket Shellac
A-SEAL Stop Leak Powder





































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