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Valve Lapping Compound

"ROCKET" Valve Lapping Compounds

Our products are made to exacting standards; to specific formulas and containing only virgin materials, abrasives and chemicals to ensure optimum and consistent finishing properties. They are designed to be clean working and will offer consistent performance from batch to batch.

ROCKET Lapping Pastes
ROCKET Grinding Pastes / Lapping Compounds are manufactured by combining carefully graded abrasives with a specially developed vehicle of soft cream-like consistency.

In addition to uniformly dispersing the abrasive this vehicle effectively and permanently suspends it to eliminate settling out, yet it reduces rapidly to a smooth thin film when subjected to the slightest frictional heat. Non-toxic and non-corrosive to all metals, this unique formulation will in fact, prevent rusting of steels. Because it resists breakdown by heat it will prevent "Galling" or "Seizing" during severe or high precision lapping operations.

In special applications, thinning may be necessary and oils such as: lard, olive, or light mineral are compatible with this vehicle.

Residue on the lapped parts is easily removed by any alkaline cleaners.

Because of variables in materials, methods, and operators it is difficult to predict exactly what micro-inch finish will be produced with a given grit size. A very general rule is to select a grit size of a micron size which is numerically twice the micro-inch finish required.
ROCKET Grinding Pastes / Lapping Compounds are compatible with most lapping machinery in use; i.e. Crane, Spitfire, Speedfam, Lapmaster, Peter Wolters, P.R. Hoffman. These compounds can be formulated using virtually any grit size and type of abrasive.


WATER BASE - silicon wafers, phenolic seals, quartz crystals, mechanical seals, valve parts, piston rings, spacers, fiber optic components, lawnmower blade/reel sharpening, backlapping.

OIL BASE - pump vanes, mechanical seals, hydraulic seals, bearings, spacers, gears.



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A-SEAL Potting Compound
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Valve Lapping Compound
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