Manufacturers Of A-Seal Epoxy



The Company came into existance in October 1987 with the object of manufacturing of different type of Epoxy Compounds like Epoxy Putty, Epoxy Coating, Epoxy Adhesive, Epoxy Sealants & Metal fillied Systems and Other Similar Products having its Registred Office at 23, Indra Market, Old Subzi Mandi, Delhi-110007, INDIA prior to the incorporation of this Company. The Directors of the Company were running business of the same nature, which was ultimately taken over by this Company under the Name & Style of M/s Ahuja Mill Store, a partnership concern of Ahuja Family since 1971, a full fledged industrial unit was set up in the industrial area of Haryana at 88, M.I.E, Bahadurgarh in 1993.

The company specialises in the field of Epoxy Putty of different types & are the competitors of similar products from Mahindra & Mahindra (Mahindra Engg. & Chemical Product Ltd. Pune) under the trade mark A-SEAL. The product range of the product under A-SEAL trade mark cover Steel Filled for Blow Holes in Steel Casting, Aluminum Filled for Blow holes in Aluminum Casting, Coper Filled, Brass Filled, for Brass Casting, Bronze Filled for Bronze Casting, HDPE Pipe Sealant, Marble Slabs Sealant, PVC Solvent Cement. Apart form this the Company is in the field of Making Epoxy Floor Paint, Epoxy Coatings & Adhesive.

The Company is well known in the field of these products in the local markets of hardware trade. Its customers includes Railways, M.T.N.L, D.E.S.U, etc. The floor Coating have been tried & used by Daweoo Motors for its products Engg. & Other Departments.













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