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A-SEAL Fast Setting Epoxy Putty

A-SEAL Judwan is a unique and new concept in the field of Epoxy Putty. It is a two in one fast setting Epoxy Putty. Both resin and hardner are packed in a single stick ensuring right mixing proportion and strength. Just cut the required quantity, mix it by kneading and twisting and use on a clean surface. It sets hard within 20 minutes at room temprature however it takes 4 hours to cure.

A-SEAL Judwan can be used for sealing, joining, insulating filling and repairing a variety of materials like ferous and non-ferous metals, ceramics, R.C.C, asbestos, glass, some plastics and even wood.

Remove the wapper, cut the required quantity with a blade or knife. Mix thoroughly by twisting and kneading till a uniform colour is obtained. Apply on a surface free of dirt, rust, oil, grease or paints. Roughen the surface by grinding with a sand paper for better adhesion. Rewrap the remaining putty and keep in the container.

APPLICATION : 'A-SEAL' Judwan can be uesd for
* Repairing, leaking overhead tanks made of M.S, R.C.C, flush tanks, Metals baskets, etc.
*Patching corroded casing of water coolers, air conditioners, refrigerators etc.
*Building up broken or chipped parts of Household items
*Patching broken floor, fixing tiles and nails, builds, broken / chipped parts etc.
* Holding the glasses of windows, filling gaps between the frame and wall etc.
* Sealing leakage through cracks, or joints in roof of tin or asbestos sheets
* Preventing vobbling of wooden furniture
* Preventing entry of ants, rodents etc. by sealing the hole from where they enter.
* Sealing leakages, cracks and making updents that occure in various parts of an automobile for instance, sealing leakage in the radiator, diesel and petrol tanks.
* Sealing leakage of pipelines, tap connections etc.
* Sealing loose electric connections and can be used as an insulating medium.
In a nutshell, A-SEAL is versatile product and has anoromous advantageous applications for industry namely, for filling up blow holes, repairing cracked or chipped wooden patterns and castings.

NOTE : Wash hands with soap and water after use. Do not use in item / areas which come into direct contact with flame or high tempratures and drinking water keep out of reach of children. Unmixed A-SEAL can be kept in its packing for a period of one year.


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